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Ozzfest 2002 - Diary Of A Mad Band – Neurotica Tour Diary! 

Get the inside story of Ozzfest from Neurotica's Kelly Shaefer. 

Week Four

Louisville, Ky

We have a club show tonight in Louisville with some local bands, we are not sure what to expect from this cause it has not been promoted for very long, so we pull up for our first show with our new driver Everett, he seems really cool , we had to switch busses out yesterday, it was a major pain in the ass cause we have had time to accumulate s*** and now we have to move it all to another bus, anyways pull up to this place called “Tech world” it was like a teen club vibe, lots of cool young kids, really nice kids, totally into metal and s***, so we had some food and hung out on the new bus, the a/c works so much better on this bus so we are ready for all those hot ass west coast shows. plus we now have the 2 satellites kicking so we can watch something different in the front of the bus and something else in the back coooool!!! Also this bus has t.v’s in the bunks so that’s a great new feature also!

So there were like 4 bands playing tonight, most of them were like hardcore death metal type bands, not really the kind of bands we SHOULD be playing with, but we will play with anyone we don’t care!!! by the time we went up to play the crowd was a little sparse, but energized, the whole night saw about 100 people tops in the club so it was kind of a drag on that level, but we will throw down for 2 people if they are down with us, and that’s what we did and we had a great set, sold some discs and hung out for a bit, the kids there mentioned that no one that plays that club ever hangs out after and talks with them, and I thought that was strange, we love to meet people at every show, I could never understand why anti social people are in bands, if you play music you should be willing to be a people person I think!!! 

2:00 a.m. time to roll out to Lexington for a club show tomorrow.

Lexington, Ky

got to the club around 5 set up for a nice sound check, we have not had the chance to really soundcheck on the Ozzfest tour so it was a good chance to fix some of the s*** with the amps that we have not had to fix along the way, we soundchecked with up in the hay, and as I mentioned before I have a full blown cold, I cannot f***ing breathe at all hahaha so when I go to sing it sounds crazy!!! I am asking the sound guy Dave wassup with all of the echo??? it seems that it sounded fine to them, but I was just clogged up, its my worst fear ever to have a f***ing cold on the Ozzfest tour, I have to be able to shake this thing before we hit the main stage in Columbus on Saturday!!

Once again this club show was not promoted so the crowd was nill!!!! f***ing really hard to get up the energy to play for only 50 people after being on the Ozzfest tour, we literally had only had this show booked for a matter of days, we came out though and f***ing kicked it out hard for our friends from the jager booth, Shawn, jimmy and Scotty, they came up for the show on there way to the Columbus show, these guys have become great friends of ours since we started this tour, we see them every day at the booth, the make us great drinks while we are signing at the booth, like jager and red bull, jager and sobe and jager and sprite, being a jager band you will find new ways to drink jager all the time, right now my fav has to be one shot of jager with a whole red bull YUMMMY! 

After the show we smoked out, hung out for a bit and prepared for a nice day off, I figured I would get a hotel for us at the place our driver was staying at since it is a 40 dollar room and not a 150 dollar room like our other driver used to book! so we hung for a bit and had some drinks with the bartender at the club A1A that was fun, got ready to head to the hotel for a nice nights sleep. 

Got to the Microtel and got the room, got some of my emails out of the way, and some of my diary s*** as well. had the whole next day to kick it , I should have done some laundry , but I did not feel like it hahaha. 

watched some t.v relaxed and got ready for the next days show in Bowling green at a place called the “cobalt room” that show will be with soil so hopefully it will be better than the other 2 have been. 

Bowling Green, Ky.

show to the club and its like a big ass warehouse with a totally crappy P.A. I am still sick as a dog and now I have to sing through this Tonka toy sound system aright. oh well hopefully the kids will be there in droves to make it all worth while. we will not get a sound check cause they barely have the system working, soil was about to pull out it was that bad, the saving grace of it all was the opening bands, stutterbox, and sin in stereo from bowling green, they did all of the promotion themselves, really nice guys all of them, my problem was with these a**hole club owners who were charging 12 f***ing dollars to get in to this show, that is totally insane for them to charge that much and then not bring in a real system!!

we get ready to play and I can just tell that it was going be a toughie, as soon as I walk out on stage the f***ing mic s***s the bed, I threw it down and grabbed the other mic in front of Shawn and as I started singing it sounded like f***ing Charlie Brown’s teacher man waaa waaaaa woooowwwahhh kkkkkaachchchchh, I was s***ting cause my throat is already sore as hell I cannot breathe and now I cannot hear a f***ing thing I am singing, after the first song for the first time in my career I was about to walk off, in fact , during the first song I was thinking about it, but at the end of the song (up in the hay) the kids and people were really having a great time and s*** man that’s what it is all about right? so I continued with one of the hardest sets in some time the crowd really got into it hard core. 

when we got done I was in some bad ass f***ing mood!!! 

I have not been so mad in a long time cause here you have these people who paid 12 bucks to get in to hear us sound like s***!!! all I could do was look at those club guys and f***ing wanna puke on them cause of this s***!! My throat is now KILLING ME!! 
Unfortunately it was not our show it was soil’s show so I could not say anything about it. we do apologize to those who paid so much to get in the kids of bowling green are cool with neurotica forever, those club guys can KISS MY ASS!!! you hear that Cobalt room????? tomorrow we play the MAIN STAGE AT OZZFEST HOLLLLLY s***!!!!!!!

Columbus, Ohio(Ozzfest) aug 3rd

woke up on the main stage side of the venue which is sweet as hell cause we get to use the showers and s***, it was great, super f***ing hot though, I wondered in to have a shower around 1:00 we go on at 5:00 this will be the first show with out Ozzy, this in my mind is a historic day, I think this is the very first time he has not been on an Ozzfest show, but man are we lucky as hell to get this slot, especially FIRST!!! 

We had to go to the jager tent before we played today which was very strange, it was a great chance though to tell people to come watch us at 5 on the main stage, it was a huge crowd today in Columbus, this was gonna be one of the greatest days for us in our lives, I mean since I was 14 yrs old I have dreamed of a show like this on a stage that is the size of a football field(pics will be up soon) I walked over around 3 to just sit on the stage and look out at the empty seats and try to appreciate all of this as much as I could, I was very excited and even though my voice was hurting, I would not be faded by ANYTHING today!!! Our crew said the sound check was f***ing LOUD!!! our sound guy Dave was very happy to be able to work on this amazing system, and we were happy to be cranking through it as well. 

5:00 Showtime and Dave(singer) from drowning pool, had jumped off his bus to come watch us play on the main stage, he is a cool ass dude for sure, he has been really cool to us over the last few weeks, and that cool cause they were in our position last year and I think he knows what we are going through trying to make a name for ourselves, it was cool that he came over to watch from side stage, we kicked it off with Genius to lunatic, a song from our first Indy record “seed” this was the first time we had played this song at Ozzfest and it worked like a charm for an opener, man it sounded so swweeeeet! we are flying around that big ass stage having a f***ing blast, next song was ride of your life, then I am the walrus, this song is really turning into a gem for us live and I am so glad that we took the chance to play this cover on this tour, it has really somehow opened doors for us, I wish we were recording this day for the Ozzfest live album it was the best we ever played it in my opinion. 

we ended the set with a slammin version of I like it one way!!! the crowd all sang really loud in the breakdown of the song, I told them you better f***ing scream loud so ozzy can hear you in L.A.!!! and just like that it was over, we have such a fun ass time , for that 20 minutes my throat did not hurt, I did not feel anything but joy to have the honor to play the main stage at Ozzfest, it went really really well, Dave from drowning pool said “YOU NAILED IT” that was really good to hear!!!

we rested up and went and had some dinner, and then headed over to watch a little of P.O.D. uhhhhhh.......okay then there was rob zombie who ALWAYS puts on a great show, love that band man!!! 

Met some great people while strolling through the crowd, lots of cool ass people in Columbus that’s for sure!!!!! I had a great chat with the bass player for adema while watching zombie, he was a really nice guy , I have not had the chance to really meet any of those guys, he was a lot cooler than I thought he would be, he said he had watched our set several time on the second stage, we were talking about the difference in the vibe between the first and second stages, the second stage is brutal from the morning till it closes where as the main stage does not really get crazy until zombie come on, so its hard for them cause they are used to having a s*** load of people at all of there shows, he said it kind of bums him out sometimes and I can see why, when you are on the main stage the lawn is full of people, but the seats are kind of scattered so its weird.

I stayed for a bit of s.o.a.d. but left after chop suey, its just not the same w/o ozzy I am sure glad he is coming back early, he will be back in Detroit which is on the 7th THAT ROCKS!!!! 

WE HAVE A10:30 BUS CALL tonight and at about 10:45 the show let out, we were about to pull out and I saw Val the head of security for ozzy and was pissed, it seems that s.o.a.d. called all of the people from the lawn down to the front and cause some what of a small riot, to this point I am not sure how many got hurt, but we all signed a contract that says that you cannot do that! we saw a lot of people hurt today, one girl broke her leg during Otep’s set and we saw a security guy get his head bashed in and they took him off on a stretcher. system should not have done that, especially considering that they were headlining for the first time while ozzy is away, it was not a very cool thing to do, we all want to hold down the fort for ozzy while he is away, not f*** it up, I am not sure of all the details, so I will not say anymore till I know what really happened, but if they did that s*** it was not cool to get people hurt like that!!! Val was pissed, we pulled away to get some food, we got lucky as hell and found a late night sushi joint in Columbus called sushi ko, the guy hooked us up and were loving it, I have not had sushi(my fav) since we left for the tour, it was a great ending to a great day for us, I will NEVER forget this day as long as I live, we have video of the show as well we shot on our camcorder just so we can watch it over and over hahahaha we are now chilling at the bus till 3a.m. we will be sleeping and our driver will be hauling us off to the next show in Cleveland, Ohio, we go on early at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, but we found out today that somehow we get to play the main stage AGAIN in Kansas, f*** our luck is just rolling along, gotta get some sleep its hard as hell to get up to jam at 8:00 night all!!!!! cheers!!

p.s. I miss my dogs ozzy and stuey(yorkies) and my girl tells me that they miss me too, I wish they could be out here with me!!!! ok I am gone llllater! sorry for my running sentences , I just don’t have the patience to fix all of my grammar heheheh SO DEAL WITH IT OK??? HAHAHAHAH 



MAN I AM SICK AS s***!!!!!!!! I still have this damn cold, its like I have f***ing glue in my nose, it makes it very very hard to sing properly, and with 100 plus degree temps, this s*** is rough, we go on early today 10:00 a.m. I awoke feeling totally worthless, but I knew I had to get with it cause....well its Ozzfest right, the show must go on, if ozzy can play while his wife is sick with cancer then I can certainly play with a bad cold! 

when I walked to the stage, it was weak there were not many people around, and then I was like s*** not only am I sick, but now there are no people, so I headed back to the bus, Shawn also now has the cold, along with migwell so we are now on the f***ing “Germfest” tour hahaha. it was about 9:50 and time to hit it, as we walked to the stage the crown had thickened a LOT!! as we hit it seemed like droves of people were heading in, so by the end of the first song, it was packed in nicely, the second stage rocks from minute one, its a great vibe ALWAYS!!! 

We woke those f***ers right up, demanded there attention and had a really fun show!!! Woke myself up as well, but after we played, I could tell my voice was really hurting, so I had to hang out by myself in the back of the bus for the whole day and not talk to anyone, we finished up our signings at the fye and the jager tents, had a really great day over there, sold a bunch of discs and signed a lot of posters, met some real cool kids, I love meeting all of the different people in each town, they all have different looks, different means of expressing themselves visually, I think that rocks!!!! 

it was so hot I did not even go over for food, it was just to hot and I was to weak to get it done, so I had a 6-7 hour session of Madden 2002 football by myself in the back, I was gonna try not to talk anymore for the rest of the day, or at least talk quietly.

it was the first time on the tour that I did not walk to the other stage or walk around and check s*** out, it was a cool venue as well, or so I heard! just chilled out till around midnight and then we pulled out and went to the bus drivers hotel parking lot for the night, luckily there was an all night super k-mart there, I went over and scored some Stouffers lasagna, took a healthy dose of Nyquil and waited to crash out, we are leaving for Detroit before I awake in the morning, we will be kicking it at a motel 6 near Detroit for 2 much needed days of rest, then we have a busy weekend 2 nights in Detroit, and then a 3 days run, I really need to get over this cold or I am f***ed!!! ok now your caught up on the ever so non glamorous life on the road with neurotica!! stay tuned for next weeks entries, it should be interesting heading to Chicago, Wisconsin etc. cheers !!!!!! Ozzy you are missed!!!! see you in Detroit!

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