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Ozzfest 2002 - Diary Of A Mad Band – Neurotica Tour Diary! 

Get the inside story of Ozzfest from Neurotica's Kelly Shaefer. 

Week Three

Sun, July 21, 2002 

We are staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel parking lot for the next few days until showtime on the 24th(wed). Today we had a chance to do some laundry (glamorous eh?) Myself, Dave our sound guy, Shawn and Chris all went to the local Laundromat, took about 2 ½ hours had a little Chinese food while waiting for our s*** to dry, headed back to the hotel and got ready to go out and check out Pittsburgh for a bit, we rented a car at the airport, drove to a couple of clubs, had some beers, not much to do in the part of town we are in, we got a bit lost trying to find our way back to the hotel. Found our way back hung out and smoked out and crashed. Today I got a room cause I needed to shower and so did the guys, so we were able to get online, get caught up with e-mails etc. Days off are ****ing boring as hell, there is not much to do but watch TV , play video games and try to keep ourselves amused till the next show, we had a few interviews to do, but other than that, it was pure down time.!! the day before the show we went out with the jagermeister guys Scotty, jimmy, and Shawn, had a great time drank a bunch of jigger, they were scouting for some girls to bring to the show from a local Pittsburgh nightclub called “Club Elite” They handed out 5 passes to the show, they told them to make sure they come early; we partied till closing headed back to the bus and just chilled before crashing. 

Wed July 24, 2002 
Pittsburgh Wed 7/24 Day of show. 

Woke up beside the stage in Pittsburgh, got off the bus to check it out, the weather was really nice, it was a strange backstage area, full of rocks and dirt like a new construction site, watched some of the Otep set, took my rock and roll shower beside the bus and got ready for the show, today we play at 12:10 which is nice cause we have not had to get up at the crack of dawn since the beginning of the tour, we are having some problems with our bus driver, she is a very nice lady , but she does not get along with “Kelso’ our tour mgr, and he is like family to us, so we are going to have to switch busses and drivers after the Atlanta show when we have some days off, we are bummed about it, but she has tried to cause trouble within our ranks and...Well she messed with a tight bunch and should have known that we would side with our friend and tour mgr Kelso!! 

Any ways the crowd today seems very lively, this morning they were out in full force, very loud crowd, we are set to go on, from the first note of Up in the hay” it was a slamming show, the crowd it seemed has heard “Ride” and All my friends” on the radio here, and when that is the case, its great cause they know the words and sing along etc, we had a really great set, I think it was our best show so far, it was for me at least and after talking with the band after the show we all agreed that this was the best one of the tour, the weather was sooooo nice about 78 degrees, which makes it way easier to perform. sold a bunch of cd’s at the FYE tent today, also had a really extra long day at the jager tent signed a bunch of posters, did a few interviews and we had to roll out kind of early to head to west palm beach (home state show), its a 22 hour drive so we will be doing a lot of gaming and sleeping (and smoking of course). 


Thur, July 25, 2002 

7/25 heading to Fl, we finally get in and man I do not miss this heat, it is sooo humid out we know that we are in for one helluva hot show, we pull into the Hilton west palm beach , right on the water, all of our friends and family are here to greet us at the bus, it was a family affair for sure, which can be a bit hectic cause it hard to give your girl or friends your undivided attention with everything that is going on. We just hung out in the parking lot, saw rob zombie sitting on a curb when we pulled in, he looked like was tired from the drive, we basically got shower and ready to hit it for the show, Dana was with me today so we doubled up in my bunk which is small for one person let alone 2!! So we crashed out and when I woke up we were at the gig, I always wake up kind of grumpy cause is. well you know it sucks to wake up and not be able to take a shower right away, so I walked off the bus, and right away, I saw an old friend Jon Tardy formerly of Obituary, he was with his brother Donald who plays drums for Andrew w. K. I am all pie eyed and s***, I have not seen him in about 10 years, anyways they are going to do an old Obituary song during the AWK set called “Chopped in half” that should be cool!!! Man it is soooo hot, its funny cause most of the touring we have done has been in the winter, so it’s freezing or it’s blistering hot. We have a lot of friends at the show today, including “Ricker” from 98 Rock, he will actually be traveling with us to Atlanta as a correspondent of sorts. It was a nice feeling to be in our home state on this kind of tour, we have been through a lot to get here, and it’s just kind of nice to have this kind of chance to crush it out in front of friends!!! had to watch Ozzy’s set tonight cause he will be leaving the tour for a bit, and well who knows if we will get to see him again, so we headed over to the main stage and saw ozzy from about 10 feet away, we were so ****ing close it was killer!!! We got all soaked from Ozzy’s water hoses, I had never seen his show this close up, he really is an inspiration, and I just cannot help but feel that I am watching a historical event when I watch him on this tour, it just seems so different than the other years of Ozzfest, you can tell that Ozzy knows he is going to get to see his soul mate Sharon in a few days, he seems very excited about it, we really enjoyed watching him that close up, helps us once again appreciate this situation even more! We are having some crazy problems with our bus driver Sharon, it turns out she is 3 of the weirdest people you will ever meet, total multiple personalities!! we get a new bus and a new driver on Tuesday morning, then we can get on with the tour, we also found out today that Ozzy will be leaving the tour for 3 weeks after the Atlanta show to be with Sharon, this was very strange news cause we were wondering how the tour could go on w/o him. We also wondered who would replace him, I mean who could??? 
Sat, July 27, 2002 

we woke up on Saturday morning, grabbed some lunch from the hotel bar with ricker, talked about what has happened in the last 3 weeks, it has been some crazy ass ride so far, we have accomplished a lot since we left, we have met so many cool ass people so far, I can only imagine what it we be like by the end of the tour! we have a 10 hour drive to get to Atlanta, kind of sucks cause I would like to be able to kick it with my girl for a good part of this day off cause during ozzfest dates, I have so little time to hang with her, but we did not get in until 3 A.M. crashed out and woke up at 9:00 am cause we had to catch a cab to the venue, the bus was already at the gig! My old friend Steve Flynn former ATHEIST drummer will be at the gig today, I am stoked to see him, I only see him about once a year, we have become even closer friends since the band broke up, I have a lot of respect and admiration for him! Got to the venue and saw Steve right away, also saw Cary from Tower records, he is a friend from Lakeland, Florida who now is a great artist and art director for Tower records in Nashville; he was at the gig as well. We go on at 1:40 today which is Great!!!!!! The crowd was not quite as big as I had thought it would be for Atlanta, or maybe it was just the size of the place, it was also a very hot day so many of the kids were hiding in the bushes retreating from the heat, by the time we went on, the crowd was great!!, we changed our set up today as par a call from our manger Doug, he asked us to play “I like it” in the set today in place of ALL MY FRIENDS, we usually have this little crowd sing along at the end of this song when we play at home, but on a show like this in front of people who may have never heard this song, it may not work so we discussed if we should do the sing along, or just play on through, I decided we would call it at the line hahaha, see how the crowd was feeling cause s*** it was them who had to perform the part!! we played it and I decided we should give it a whirl, the crowd sang that s*** like they wrote it, its a really great feeling to play somewhere you have never played, and have the whole place sing along with a song! 
Sun, July 28, 2002 

Not much press to do today cause it’s a Sunday, P.O.D. did not play today, and we heard it was because it was a “Church Day” (Sunday) ?????? thems strange words out here on the road with Ozzfest!! We also found out today that because Ozzy will be gone for 12 shows that we will all be able to have a crack at the MAIN STAGE!!!! That’s amazing news, not only that, but we will get to be the very first band to do so, in Columbus we get the first crack at the Main stage at ozzfest!!!, to us that’s crazy, we would have never guessed upon leaving Sarasota, that we would EVER! GET A CHANCE TO PLAY THE MAIN STAGE! I think that is really cool of the Sharon and ozzy to let us all play on that kind of stage, and on that SOUND SYSTEM! Our sound guy Dave Hart id very stoked to run that system, I want to also video tape it as well, it will be a crazy honor to be the very first band to help Ozzy “get through this” (Pardon the pun) cannot wait, this will not happen until Saturday, this week we have 5 days off from the ozzfest tour, but we have 3 club shows, one in Louisville on Tuesday, Lexington on Wed. and the a show with SOIL on Friday in Bowling Green, Ky. I must admit , I look forward to playing at night again, all of these hot ass daytime shows, make the night time shows seem so much “cooler”LITERALLY!! 
Mon, July 29, 2002 

Monday July 29TH 

We have today off, Dana has to head home from the tour today, so we woke up early and said our goodbyes, and she was off back to Florida. Myself, Kelso and Shannon Houchins who is a producer for 11th hour entertainment, he did a lot of the “Bubba Sparxxx” record, along with TLC and many other ATLANTA rap artists We are managed by 11th hour entertainment blah blah blah, so any way Shannon got us a 1:00p.m. tee time at this swanky ass country club for 18 holes of golf, on a PGA course, s*** these people would have never “normally” let me in the parking lot of this joint, but today we were guests and it was a cool thing, we had a great time just getting away from the whole circus for a whole day of golf!!! I shot a s*** ass 114, kelso shot an “89”. I had a blast though, thanks to the “Chateau Lean” in Atlanta for the hospitality!! Came back to the hotel to relax, that 18 holes took 5 ½ hours to do, and it was really hot today, so it took a lot more out of me than I expected, that golf s*** is a lot more tiresome than it looks! I must apologize for only being able to get to my emails from everyone once a week, but its very hard to find the connection as often as I would like, so we will try to make sure that the diary is kept up, as well as us answering all of your letters as fast, and as often as possible, we love you all(see ozzy is rubbing off on us), and thank you all for all of the support, Spread the word about NEUROTICA TO THE WORLD!!!!! 

See you next week with more details from life on the road with NEUROTICA on OZZFEST 2002 - Kelly

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