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Ozzfest 2002 - Diary Of A Mad Band Neurotica Tour Diary! 

Get the inside story of Ozzfest from Neurotica's Kelly Shaefer. 

Week Two

Tuesday, July 16, 2002 
July 16th Tweeter Center- Boston, Mass 

After 2 days off we are so f***ing ready to play, days off are good and not so good, its good to have rest , but its also good to stay in a groove, so we have a good spot today, and Matt Pinfield is here today, I love Matt Pinfield, he is like the premier "metal" historian, and I have watched his show 120 minutes before it was canceled on MTV many times, and I am standing by the stage before we go on, and he comes up and introduces his self, I am like s*** man I know who you are bro hahaha, I was honored that he was there! so we played at 10:35 and the crowd was really great, Boston is a great metal town, we came out and our monitors were cranking so loud, we could not hear anything but guitars hahaha it was quite a wake up, also they were recording today for the ozzfest 2002 album that is coming out this fall, so we wanted it to be a good show, and it was cool, we had a strong set and the walrus went down so well that Matt Pinfield said he was going take it to Ozzy and Sharon to see if we could put it on the album, Ozzy is a big Beatles fan, and so are we, and we did it as sort of a tribute to him,, cause we figured everyone would be doing/or think about doing a Sabbath cover, so any ways we were f***ing stoked the Pinfield liked it, much less request it to put on the Ozzy record!!!!! we had a great day signing at the FYE and Jager tents, met a lot of really cool people, it was a sold out show today, and tomorrow we play again here at the same place, so it will be sweet, and they are recording it all again!! I went over to the main stage to see Ozzy again tonight, it is such a privilege to be able to just swing over after dinner and check out Ozzy, each night I watch him from a different spot in the arena and that s*** is sweet!!!! had a real cool chat with some of the Otep folks today at dinner , they are such a great band!! I really enjoy there set and I enjoy watching down everyday as well, this tour is really great for us, we are learning so much. we came back from watching Ozzy and the Aphex theory guys had a rave with turntables all set up right in front of the buses in the parking lot, all these people were f***ing partying everywhere, it was really cool, they had a great sound system, I don't know where they were keeping it in there trailer!! we all partied hard, our publicist also came today Lulu and Tara , we had a great day, Benjie says that record sales are up quite a bit this week, and our song all my friends is now the theme for a wrestler as of Sunday on "Heat", he came out to it and he won his match and they played it again, but we did not know about it so we were not able to catch it which sucks!! we are just days away from our big party at the "world" in New York City in Time Square, we are very excited about it. ok I have to get some sleep for the show tomorrow, all in all a fabulous day fo sho!!!!! cheers!!!! 

Wed, July 17, 2002 
Day 2 in Boston!! 7/17/02 

Another blistering hot day here in bean town, we are recording again today for a possible inclusion on the Ozzfest live album 2002, woke up around 8:30 cause I gotta get woken up before I can sing, its hard enough singing that early, so I like to get up and around at least 2 hours before the show, when I came off the bus I saw Matt Pinfield right away, said hello and we talked about the days recording and the fact that we would get another take of the set, so we would have 2 versions to choose from, he is a very cool guy, I dig him, he has a lot of musical knowledge. today's set was wayyy better than yesterday's, the crown was much more energetic and awake than yesterday, and it seems that it was a whole different crowd today , almost all new faces, we had another good day over at the FYE tents and the jager TENT, met lots of cool people with the funny Boston accents!!! went over to the mainstage for a bit of Ozzy and I was able to get right down in the front w/o hassle from the security which is different at every venue, Ozzy was in rare form tonight, he seemed really happy, his banter was far different tonight then it has been, it seems maybe that Sharon is doing better and he is feeling good about it, he was really interactive tonight, telling the crowd he could smell the weed and he was getting a contact buzz hahah. people in Boston know how to rock that's for sure, it was a great 2 nighter in Boston, about half way through Ozzy's set , I went backstage to kick it for a bit and wait for him to be done, we are leaving at midnight tonight to go to New York, we are playing "The World" in Times Square, had some great chats with some cool new people we met Thom Pununzio who has done almost all of Ozzy's live record including the most recent one LIVE AT BUDDAKON he came up to me and kelso and told us he really loved the version we do of THE WALRUS and we were really honored that he said what he said, he also sounded like it was basically A DONE DEAL!! THAT s*** IS AMAZING!!! cause I don't think 2nd stage bands were gonna be on the record just main stage bands so if we get on this it would be great for the band!!! I cant wait to hear it, they say it sounds great!! met some other cool people as well, like Sharon Osborne's asst. Eddie Williamson, it turns out he is familiar with my old band "Atheist" which I thought was very cool, it seems that there are a lot of the death metal alumni of the early 90's out here on the tour!!!! we had a great chat about some of our favorite bands of that era, headed on back to the bus and called it a night!! 

Thur, July 18, 2002 
7/18/02 New York CITY!!! 

Well today is a day off from the Ozzfest tour and a show for us at the WWE's "The World" in New Yorks "Time Square". But first the record company has set up a days worth of interviews , I had to wake up at 8:00 a.m. to be taken into the city to the Rogers Smith Hotel where I will be doing the press, my girl Dana is also coming to the show tonight, I cannot wait to see her, our publicist Lulu is with me all day and our mgr Doug also flew into today for the show tonight, there is a camera crew coming to film the show and to do some interviews/profiles of the band!!!! we are stoked about that!!! got to talk to my old friend Don Kaye in an interview with serius radio, which is basically " XM radio really cool, so we go to the Rockefeller Center and go to the 36th floor and had a great interview with Don, he gave me some messages from some of our old friends Monte Conner from Roadrunner and from Bori Krgin from after it was all over we went to the world for some dinner and Dana met me there with her sister Mary and nephew Shawnee, we did sound check , grabbed a cab back to the hotel, and had a quick shower, then headed in a cab back to Times Square to do the profiles, we met "Howard Finkle" the ring announcer for the WWE, that was cool, soon it was showtime, the sound and lights were amazing, we had a cool show and they filmed the whole thing, all of our label people came out including a guy we respect a lot Michael Kleffner. Michael Koch came out as well from Koch records, we were surprised by that for sure , we did not think he would make it out, but he did and that was cool. By the time we finished we were tired the bus would be picking us up at the hotel and we will head back to Ozzfest's first date in Holmdel, New Jersey, which is basically the NY show on the tour! this will also be a 2 nighter, and should be really great!!!! gotta get some sleep we are gonna be hating it in the morning, we play at 11:40. 


Friday, July 19, 2002 

Woke up at the gig tired as s***!!!!, got up and went outside and it was BAKING hot, holy crap this was going be a toughie fo sho!! It's a little easier each day cause we play 20 minutes later each day so that's cool!! I was feeling a bit hoarse today for obvious reasons, our A&R guy Benjie stayed with us last night so I saw him running around while I was taking my "rock and roll " shower which consists of a bottle of water poured over my head to give the illusion that a shower has been had hahaha saw the singer for FLAW watching OTEP stood there and watched it for a bit and we were shooting the s***, there are a lot of friendships being made daily out here we are starting to get in a groove! 11:40 and we go on, the crowd today is huge and they are read to get tit on, lots of crowd riding and "goat throwing" we had a really strong set, I felt great about it, even though I thought it would be very difficult to sing cause we played the night before, everything went great saw our lawyer Nick, Doug was there, Jack the director of the video we did!! all of our family, Lulu included, Sandi our agent blah blah blah!!! had another full day at the tents signing stuff and selling cd's had a great time, Jager gave us all brand new skateboards today, COOOOL! SAW CHARLIE BENANTE, BILLY MILANO it was a star studded day, but it was marred with some horrible news about Sharon, it seems that she has cancer in her lymph nodes and that's not good, we really hope she can make it through this s***, I really was looking forward to meeting her, and I feel so much respect for Ozzy for being able to continue with this tour, it must be very very difficult to do!!! we wrapped up the night and crashed about 1:00 gotta be on stage tomorrow at 12:10 its going be a hot one for sure!!!!!!! 

Sat, July 20, 2002 
July 20th Holmdel, New Jersey (day 2) 

woke up right beside the stage, our bus was parked right beside it so at f***ing 7:45 the P.A. guys were testing the system and that's all I could hear was the drums pounding in my bunk, arrrgghhhh the one day I finally get to sleep in a bit, and the s*** is so loud that I cannot sleep, oh well so I awoke and we had a great view of the stage from our bus window, ill nino was on first today, and they were slamming it out, this is sort of there home town so the kids were out here very early, it was a blow out. took my rock and roll shower which consists of a bottle of water and a towel, you see we do not get many hotel rooms so we have to make do however we can until we get to the level where we can have a hotel everynight AND the bus!! That's when touring will be even cooler. we went on to a packed crowd, super hot outside as well, had a great set!!!! today we sounded better than ever we are starting to get in a groove now which is cool, it takes a few shows to really get in the groove, and we are about to hit full stride, the fye was not as good as normal today cause there were so many bands that needed to do there signings that we had only about 20 minutes over there!!!!, WWE superstar "Lit" was at the show today and after she did her signings we told her to come over and hang out at the bus and she did!!! we had met her in new york when we were mixing the record, as you know she broke her neck filming an episode of "dark angel" really tragic cause she was hitting her stride and now she will be down for about a year, we talked wrestling and music for a bit, our bro from Koch Pat Egan brought us some NY bagels by to munch on, we hung out and headed over to the Jager booth, today we were giving away a signed skateboard to one of the kids over there, it ended up going to this really cool little kid named "Guy" we wanted one of the little kids to win it, he was very happy and so were we that he won it!!! no interviews today cause we did them all yesterday, met some cool girls that were at the WWE Time Square show named Kim and Rachel, we also met Sebastian Bach's kid "Paris" today, it turns out he is a fan of neurotica, small world eh?? s*** I remember when he was a little kid, he is now 14 and totally into metal, he and Dave Wyndorf's kid,.....s*** I think his name was Eugene or something, he was very cool as well, photographer Mark Weiss introduced us to each other. we mulled around the main stage for quite a while today, saw Ozzy come into the venue around 6:00, there were lots of bands there visiting today, Charlie from Anthrax jammed with System tonight, it was cool to see him play again. watched Ozzy tonight and was just feeling so bad cause I know he must really be in some pain to be touring w/o Sharon, he did a great set, and said many things about Sharon, he f***ing rocked the house any way even though his mind was probably elsewhere!!! came back to the bus and hung out for a bit, mig and the guys were playing there DRUMS!!! WE HAVE 3 DAYS OFF TO DO SOME LAUNDRY WOOOHOOOO!!!! Not sure if we are staying in Pittsburgh, or Atlantic city!!! gotta get to a hotel cause we need to do our emails, update the diary etc, so I am done for now we are on our way to Pittsburg or somewhere in between to hang out for 3 days!!! we will try to post this as a weekly update from the road, internet connections are few and far between!! cheers !!! 

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