Staind - Break the Cycle

"Break The Cycle" Is Staindís third full length release (but only SECOND major label release) and it's easily their best. Taking the heavy parts of their first album and meshing them with the melodic parts of their second, "Break The Cycle" finally pull the wealth of obvious talent these guys have together into once cohesive and damn tight album. Obviously, the highlight here is the unbelievable ability of Aaron Lewis. Say what you will about the guy, but one thing remains true; He can flat out sing his ass off. Want proof? Refer to the albums first single: "It's Been Awhile". This song may seem a tad on the ballad side for some heavy rock enthusiasts, but it still remains a damn fine song. Just about all of the songs on "...Cycle" stray from the "scream and puke on the mic" standard of so many of their contemporaries.
- Dr Fever

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